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  • Am I eligible for U.S. immigration?
  • My visa is almost expired, what should I do?
  • May I be legally employed under my current visa?
  • We provide consultation regarding all types of visas and immigration issues, including non-immigration visas based on business, work, and studies; as well as immigration applications based on dependence, marriage,, investment, and job. We will do what it takes to ensure that you understand your rights and opportunities under U.S. immigration laws.

    International Mergers/ Acquisitions (M&A)

    Business is becoming more competitive and globalized in nature. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is becoming the common solution for domestic and international investment. Our professional services will assist individuals and companies to meet their goals. Our package services include planning M&A stregies from evaluating an investing target, investigating, due diligence, to transfer of ownerships, non-competition agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

    Commercial Transactions

    In the current economic environment, it’s important to structure your commercial contracts. All too often, the contract terms and conditions are ignored until a problem arises. Only then do the parties realize the contract is poorly structured, does not appropriately allocate the business risks, or does not accurately reflect the parties’ business deal.

    We provide legal advise for different industries including manufacturers, service companies, retailers, distributors and other clients on a broad range of contracting matters including purchasing, financing, leasing, licensing, services, manufacturing agreement/OEM or ODM, and all types of commercial transactions. We can assist with planning and structuring, drafting, reviewing and negotiations for your business transaction needs.

    We are committed to assisting our clients plan and carry out a successful commercial transaction.

    If you are currently having a dispute or would like to re-evaluate your existing contact, we also assist in resolving your dispute with the other party to protect your rights and reduce your business risk. Your first step is to contact us (link to the message board), we will provide you with an initial consultation free of charge.

    Corporate Law

    We assist our clients to establish, register or dissolve a corporation or other business entities such as sole proprietorships, partnership, LP, LLC. We can certainly provide services for drafting corporation internal laws (the articles of incorporation and the bylaws).

    Business Counseling

    We provide business counseling to corporate or other business entities in areas such as corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

    Tax Consulting

    Assist in tax planning including registering and maintaining offshore companies in tax havens, consulting on U.S. tax laws and regulations.

    Legal Transactions

  • Do you not understand an English document because there are too many legal terms?
  • Your documents need to be translated for serving a legal purpose
  • We commit to provide you with accurate legal translation services. Our translation services cover all types of legal documents such as contracts, corporate documentation, judgments, personal documents for authentication purpose, Wills, government forms …in both directions from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese.

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